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TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Mumbai is among the very energetic and fastest growing entrepreneurial ecosystems in the TiE Network, the planet 's largest non profit international network of entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship. Wadhwa holds a B.A. in Computing Studies from the University of Canberra, in Australia, and an MBA from New York University. He's founding president of the Carolinas chapter of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TIE), a non-profit international network thought to nurture entrepreneurship. Today Mentoring is viewed as the most effective support for entrepreneurs who dream to create the business of tomorrow.

The revenue of the company's grew appreciably after getting the Israeli-based Schema, a radio access network optimisation (RAN) leader, for $9 million in 2012 and TTI Telecom, another Israeli -based service assurance solutions provider, for $58 million in 2010. This international nonprofit started as a network of Pakistani and Indian technology pioneers who united to counsel start-ups in the early '90s.

The organisation welcomes members from anywhere around the globe, although set up by people originating in the Indus region. They hold and boost events for a varied group from TiEcom, the largest networking seminar for entrepreneurs to smaller assemblies for girls and young entrepreneurs. Baroness Sandip Verma additionally spoke before showing the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award.

H.K. Mittal, head and adviser, National Science and Technology Entrepreneur Development Board (NSTEDB), said the Startup Village, India's first PPP Incubator, is a keystone in creating the blueprint for the next 1000 incubators in the state. Join entrepreneur groups online, like Linkedin On Startups", Facebook for Business, and use Twitter to locate individuals with like minded interests.

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The initial round of jury comprised Anil Gupta, former President & HeadFormer and infrastructure President & State Head -Honeywell International (India) Ltd; Lokesh Gupta from Spice New Investment Funds, Creator, Kunaj Kajaj, Socworx, Rajan Mehta, Founder and CEO Livemedia, Subinder Khurana, a serial entrepreneur. Everybody is predicting that 30-40% growth in business can come from Asia Pacific," said Natarajan.

According to him greater support and help is desired from simple lip service and all quarters by the government would not be of any help. Ashustosh Garg, Chairman and MD of Guardian Lifecare, an eight-year-old health retail chain said, the entrepreneur should learn new skills to maintain in pace with the shifting business model. Successful Indian-source entrepreneurs' younger generation is turning angel investors.

But what this episode has done is emphasize the fragility of the valuable Bujang Valley archaeological site where artefacts and innumerable original edifices are found. There is awareness and a mystique of inaccessibility attached to the Bujang Valley which should be removed. Excavations in the last few years point to the Bujang Valley civilisation existing before neighbouring empires for example Majapahit (1200 AD) and Sri Vijaya (700 AD).

Through this occasion, they hope to cultivate a sense of community among their food entrepreneurs and inspire them to bring their business to a different degree," said Co. They am honored they have invited them to keynote this yearly convention held in conjunction with the largest graduate school of business in all of Asia - the Indian School of Business. TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Global, has more than 13,000 members across 14 states.

The Interview Master, a component of the VentureNursery's second acceleration programme was picked as the most effective start up of the year in TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Summit 2012 held. But the 66-year old techie was met after reading the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) have come out in support of the anti-corruption crusade.

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