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On Being Persian: SridharMitta took over as President in 2002 and brought along his excitement, turning Bangalore into a vivacious and lively Chapter. Do the famous entrepreneurs like the Shahrukhs, the Sachins, the Nusrats, the Shakiras, the Bikhchandanis, the Tulsi Tantis etc,. Their p... More

Your Resources: Founded to encourage and support entrepreneurship around the world, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) has been mentoring and preparing budding entrepreneurs through conventions and seminars to bring like-minded people collectively. So here is a logical hedge strategy they s... More

Top Entrepreneurs Garlanded At TiE Awards: You'll network with a few really successful international entrepreneurs within an intimate setting. Atlanta International Social Connections is hosting a global c--ktail mixer because of their members and guests. Jayachander as Secretary. Before they review the... More

The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) Atlanta: So unless you are able to figure out strategies to export your produce, the business is bound to fail, when there's little room in the domestic market. Entrepreneurs also have a very important role to play in the business world - they are the future big corpora... More

Culture that is forward: Wadhwa documented that women entrepreneurs possess motivations and precisely the same backgrounds as men, but are uncommon in the rankings of CTOs or technology CEOs. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to pitch. They have used their learning to discover a demand, dev... More

New Angel Group Takes Flight, Looks To Hook Early: The earliest writings are in a Tamil poem called 'Pattanopolai' composed in the 2 nd. To optimize this process, TiE has developed a complementary mentoring period by which a company coach holds one-to-one mentoring sessions two times a month at the British Library's Com... More

Welcome To Embassy Of India, Washington D C, USA: TiE, or The Indus Entrepreneurs, began in India but now has chapters in 35 countries. They are excited to offer the TYE entrepreneurship training course in the Dallas community for the second year and consider it is the portfolio of educationally important prog... More

Young Achiever Awards are Announced by aspire: TiE Tampa is the sole state chapter, and Tripathi, who is located in Sarasota, expects to expand both TiE and the sister organization . Tandon encourages pupils and adults to join TiE and use it as system into the business world. Grewal, his wife and regular professiona... More

TiEcon Takes On Clean Energy For All: His rule extended from the ancient Near East from the Mediterranean Sea in the west, to the majority of the Caucasus as well as Asia to the Indus River. In 2010, the section together with USM organised the 'International Seminar on Bujang Valley and Early Civilisation i... More

Creator Of India Busines Network Starts OGoing, Inc.: The Genesis of TiE TiE stands for The Indus Entrepreneurs", reflecting the South Asian heritage of its members. In 1975, a young unknown, wannabe entrepreneur asked for advice and called the Founder/ CEO of Intel, Bob Noyce. Organised by non profit entrepreneur... More

#Upgrade Go And See The Treasures Of Bujang Valley: When the initial spinouts started to leave Fairchild for workers at Fairchild Semiconductor Walker 's Wagon Wheel Bar/Restaurant in Mountain View became the lunch hangout in 1962, they discovered that fabricating semiconductors reliably was a black art. A business can i... More

Vyom Becomes A Member Of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Bangalore Chapter: Puregold will assemble more than 10,000 caterers, hotel, canteen and karinderya entrepreneurs this month. The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by several corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and senior professionals with roots ... More

Vivek Wadhwa: It may seem early yet take some time to prepare yourself on potential nominees and ascertain what their business platform is. Firms can leverage their worldwide network of 8,500 members and connections and 2,500 charter members. Created in 1992 by entrepreneurs with roo... More

FFVC Affiliate Hosts High School Student Competition: Mittal, head and adviser, National Science and Technology Entrepreneur Development Board (NSTEDB), said the Startup Village, India's first PPP Incubator, is a keystone in creating the blueprint for the next 1000 incubators in the state. Ashustosh Garg, Chairman and MD o... More

The Berkeley Site: Ed. Zohar spoke about starting up a successful business in Israel, and then going to start several new ones by bringing in great teams to build, working on ideas and running new companies based on the thoughts. Sairee Chahal, creator, Fleximoms, exhorted women entrepren... More

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Entrepreneurial Summit To Be Held: After all, chat with... It turned out to be a closed door session, however a TiE staff member was nice enough to allow them to linger in the hallways a harass... Do not send your incomplete business plan unsolicited to every VC or investment group you can find on the In... More

Organizations Team Up To Honor Women Entrepreneurs: and Jeanne T. Seeded by The Coleman Foundation, The John E. Entrepreneurs make hires that are great for jobs that involve risk and ambiguity. Mirjam Schoning: Social entrepreneurship emerged as a discipline from the realizationAs entrepreneurs are frequently th... More

Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Understands Top Louisiana Talent At National Conference: In the contemporary world that they are now living in, it is not often that you hear the great news of an inventor staying faithful to his craft. The Foundation supports the active engagement of its selected social entrepreneurs of the World Economic Forum at the intern... More

Organizations Plan To Train Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Programs for the very first group will open November 15, 2009. Ace: They will be open to running experiments and testing businesses hypotheses that others in your company might be frightened to try since entrepreneurs are optimists who see threats as chances. H... More

11 Vital Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs: Michigan's International Detroit initiative is developing a collaborative to provide training, technical assistance, and microloans -- very little, short term loans at low interest -- to immigrant entrepreneurs. Whether you are a nursing major, business, education, engi... More

Profit Social Entrepreneurs, Section 2: Established in 1987 as a trigger for entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other, EO is an international network of more than 8,500 company owners in 40 nations. Many entrepreneurs of societal companies which produce attractive financial yields find over ti... More

The Schwab Foundation For Social Entrepreneurship On Future And The Evolution Of Social Enterprise: The Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) Startup Simulation Challenge needs a team of students to take a brand new business and make the right decisions to outperform nine other teams from across the united states. Still fine to realize that Portland is eventual... More

Howard Schultz Discussions To Los Angeles The American, And Entrepreneurs About Starbucks, His New Book: The Executive Assistant shall serve as the members of the organization along with the main communication between the Executive Board, and shall record meetings minutes at each meeting and submit advice to all members of the corporation. They were amazed to disc... More

A New Guidebook For Social Entrepreneurs: Several of the Kelley School's students will soon be invited to engage in discerning programs like the Undergraduate Consulting Workshop, where pupils are familiarized with all the consulting area by learning the building blocks of consulting and by way of a visit to me... More

The Do's And Don'ts Of Today's Business Networking: Zulily 's growth since launching has been astounding, and their success story is a big win for the Seattle startup community. Chamber of Commerce's Campaign for Free Enterprise and the National Chamber Foundation will invest more than $1M in K-12, college, and post-grad... More

Stephen Fry's NZ Broadband Tweets Along With The Entrepreneurs Organization Convention: at the COSE office-1240 Huron Road East, Cleveland. Elite Women and COSE will host Women's Entrepreneurship Day, Thursday, May 31, from 8:00 a.m. School Creators brings together tons of universities, incubators, community organizations and companies to provide a dynamic... More

Entrepreneurs Organization: It supplies entrepreneurs the opportunity for student and local entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas, and expand their knowledge of entrepreneurship. The TechStars Network provides opportunities for networking, sharing best practices, training and on-going sup... More

Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization: Entrepreneurs: IBM will invest $150 million in 2011 to finance programs that encourage entrepreneurs and new business opportunities Within the United States. . Organization doesn't cause you to a control freak, only more dependable and gives a sense of protection... More

Entrepreneurs' Organization: Her non-profit organization, Elite Women across The World(registered company), along with COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) will award four girls using the Elite Women Around The World(registered company) Women. An early business mentor said to them "learn to love y... More

Entrepreneurs' Organization Detroit Names Board Members: Join Entrepreneurs' Organization members in telling your entrepreneurial narrative! Giving back to society is just not limited to only the direct, actionable ways in which entrepreneurs can respond to societal problems that are critical. Entrepreneurs: HP is in... More

Toni Mascaro: EO - for entrepreneurs only - is a world-wide community that enriches members' lives through dynamic peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and links to experts. Hansell says entrepreneurs from Waterloo Area who've been members of the Toronto cha... More

Metro Detroit Region Is Quickest: Creating a logo and branding identity is the most comprehensive and exciting service they offer at they Am Young Detroit. From first-hand experience, they can really say Detroit is the most misunderstood metropolis they have ever been to in America. Entrepreneurs and Th... More

Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs And Incubators In Detroit: It had been formulated by Professor Howard Stevenson, the godfather of entrepreneurship studies at HBS. This is a historical gathering of entrepreneurs, designers, and programmers in downtown Detroit for 3-days of hacking designed to develop technology-based alternative... More

Detroit 'Hacker Guys' Matches Computer Science Grads With Beginning: Following a number of panel discussions, a number of prizes were awarded to businesses that demonstrated the capability to fulfill social needs and also the possibility to become financially sustainable. Blocal is an online resource that provides you with daily... More

Young Entrepreneur Series Empowering Girls In Detroit: To qualify you must be between the ages of 18 and 30, be a registered citizen of Detroit, and create an item that you sell and assemble in the city of Detroit. Entrepreneurship from A to Z is a nine month training show being held at the SEMEA offices in Southfi... More

Support A Place For the Entrepreneurs in Detroit: Shashi Masireddy Brianna Whitfield and Kiran Jones examine a 3D printer among several advanced businesses the pupils learned about in their time. The influx of innovation and talent that entrepreneurs bring is just what Detroit wants as it goes through insolven... More

Designer Sees Opportuniuty In Detroit, Starts High End Men's Store: The conference is intended to help it become possible for you personally to meet with other entrepreneurs and investors. . Grow entrepreneurs are connected by Detroit with other like minded individuals. Participating Organizations and patrons now compris... More

Detroit Chapter Of TiE Inviting Submissions For Business Plan Competition: No American city faces greater challenges . Recently, Angel held the position of International VP, Music & Content where she was responsible for hastening the increase and enhancing the popularity by creating and executing bebo's music strategy, merchandise and partners... More

13 Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs Are Rebuilding The City Of Detroit: Her family urged her to go anywhere but Detroit. Also would be entrepreneurs have tools for almost any scenario and go to the website at To make sure that job seekers, company hints and weekly job hunt will likely be available on the web via Facebook Twitter an... More

Can Urban Entrepreneurs Save Their Cities?: Sergio Marchionne: Detroit will continually be the Motor City, testing infrastructure here and given its tradition but, moreover, due to the high concentration of research and expertise. Now you're taking a look at groups planning to begin living in greater downtown and... More

Best Selling Writer And Entrepreneur Clifton Taulbert To Open May FastTrac At TechTown: Bank's Private Client Reserve, developed those skills by jumping out of helicopters, bearing mock interrogations and living for days in the mountains with little over a knife. Romy is also chairman of the newly launched Detroit Regional Social Enterprise Alliance Social... More

The Opportunity, The Renaissance along with The Law: Alternately, prospective entrepreneurs in the U.S. Anderson and his wife, Patricia, is the biggest ever to the College of Engineering. Detroit's future rests as much with small businesses as big ones. In 2011 the "doer" decidedly slowed down their pace Am Youth... More

Detroit Entrepreneurs Make A Case for his or her Bankrupt City: It is on everybody's mind when it comes to the topic of saving Detroit. The goal is the fact that chaps become socialized and marshalled as entrepreneurs moving forward." they interviewed for America with several Venture -approved companies throughout the unite... More

5 Myths About Social Entrepreneurs: They also understand just how to make stuff... Their city has constructed a solid basis for entrepreneurship, starting with Henry Ford. DukeEngage Detroit participants moderated the session together with an organization of Harvard Business School students. Tim Davis is ... More

Place Millionaire Offers $5 Million To Help Protect City Artwork: Establish relationships with journalists and reporters seeming to cover another big thing" in entrepreneurship and technology. The Invest Detroit Foundation 's supports a broad selection of companies. The aim of the plan will be to locate the likes of Mark Zuck... More

Lemonade Day Successful: Invest Detroit is a leading supply of private sector gap financing that utilizes aOf funding tools through managed for-profit and non profit targeted funds to support economic development opportunities in underserved communities mostly in the town of Detroit. Amy Peters... More

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